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Status: Plotting


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Happy new year, everyone! I hope the first week of 2020 has treated you well.

2020. Wow. In Jamie Brodie’s alternate universe, the final book of the series, Resigned to Death, began yesterday. (It doesn’t end until June. The final book is gonna be LONG.)

The next-to-final book, Drugged to Death, is finished. I think. My writing group still has to read the final section of it and critique, then it needs to be edited. It will be released on Thursday, May 21st, which is the day that I will be appearing on the Gay Mystery Authors podcast. That’s how far in advance I had to book my spot on the podcast! I hope you’re listening; it’s a terrific source if you want to discover new-to-you gay mysteries.

Right now I’m working semi-feverishly on the second book in the Space Coast Mysteries series, Three Thousand Miles. Writing Greg and Justin is very different from writing Pete and Jamie. I don’t know them as well and they’re not living in my head like Jamie does. Which is good, in some ways. That book will be out in March, I think, at least well before Drugged to Death.

I promise that you’ll see more of Jamie after Resigned to Death. The first 21 books are what my editor refers to as “canon.” I’ve been thinking, however, that Jamie will have a new adventure about every other year after (spoiler alert?) he and Pete move to New Mexico. The first one will actually be a prequel: Jamie’s first case, back in Oceanside.

The alternate universe will continue, however, with the Kevin Brodie Mysteries. Some of these will be gay mysteries; some of them won’t. But all will feature Kevin and Kristen, Jon and Liz, Max and Jill, Susan Portman, Clinton, and the rest of the LA gang. I’m going to continue with the …To Death title format; the first Kevin Brodie Mystery will be Painted to Death. Coming in 2021.

So! What are your plans for the year? 😀


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What’s going ON!

The picture to the left is the library at Trinity College, Dublin. I got to see the Book of Kells but no photos are allowed. It’s bigger than I expected.




Holy cow, this summer is flying by! I spent two weeks in Ireland in June – SO GORGEOUS – and still feel somewhat discombobulated in terms of being organized. Or, in my case, DISorganized. My office is a mess, my house is a mess… Yikes!

But I have not been entirely idle! I haven’t been doing a TON of writing, but I’ve been doing little things which all have to take place eventually. Such as:

  • I’m grinding out the nitty-gritty changes that need to be made to the next book, Published to Death, with my writing group, and also writing a short story which will be included at the end of that book. It’s still on track for November publication.
  • The short story anthology is complete! It’s titled Dirty Laundry, and will be available at the end of August. Warning: the anthology is 107,000 words, so I’m going to charge a little extra for it. There is plenty of new content, plus all of the old short stories that you’ve seen in books or here on the blog. It’s been a lot of fun to put together.
  • The first week of August, I’m going to Los Angeles for a couple of days! I plan to visit UCLA’s campus and Jamie’s library, and see how badly I’ve messed up the placement of the reference desk. 😀 I also want to eat at some of the boys’ favorite restaurants, and walk down their block in Santa Monica. I promise lots of photos!

Speaking of photos – here’s another from Ireland. The Dingle Peninsula, the southwesternmost section of the country.



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There’s a new page in town…

I love working in academia – last week was my spring break. Aaahhhhhh. A lovely week of R&R.

This week has been hectic! Lots of issues to sort out on the job. But now it’s Friday, the issues are sorted – whew.

I’ve created a new page for the blog. If you look at the headings, you’ll see it – The Jamie Brodie Mysteries. I’ve listed each book in order with a picture of the cover, the blurb for the book, and links to the Amazon (and where available, Smashwords) pages.

Encountered to Death will be available on Smashwords soon, probably within the next couple of weeks.

The final draft of Talked to Death, the next book in the series (#9), is now in the hands of my editor. He’s working on a deadline for his own writing, but our goal is to have Talked to Death published by May 1st.

The blurb for the new book is already on the Jamie Brodie Mysteries page, though I don’t have the cover for it yet. Take a look! Talked to Death will also include a short story immediately following, called Hearts.


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Writing goals

Boy, 2012 ended in a rush. First the craziness of NaNoWriMo, then getting Cited to Death published. I was extremely pleased with the results of both of those things! Cited to Death has done better than I expected. I don’t really know what I expected – but more people have bought the book than I can account for, so that’s great!

I’m so glad I took part in NaNo. I haven’t looked at the novel since I finished it up, but I’ll get back to it before long. When I do, it’ll be with fresh eyes.

I’ve just finished the first draft of the sequel to Cited to Death, which is called Hoarded to Death. I hope to have that published by June. I’m not crazy about the ending yet – it still needs work. But the rest of it is pretty much done, and I’ll be sending it out to my readers soon.

Now, with my daily writing, I’m working on the third book in the series, which will be called Hidden to Death. It’s scheduled for publication next December.

My goal for the rest of January is to write the ending to Hoarded to Death, and to write a blurb for it. I didn’t do that beforehand when I published Cited to Death, and had to come up with one on the fly. This time I’m going to be prepared.

Cited to Death

Academic librarian Jamie Brodie hasn’t seen old boyfriend Dan Christensen in years. When Jamie reads Dan’s obituary in the paper, he’s surprised. When he receives a letter from Dan, written just before his death, Jamie is shocked. Dan’s letter suggests that Dan was in danger, lists two article citations from medical journals, and asks Jamie to look into the citations. When Jamie requests the articles, strange things begin to happen. His computer is hacked, his tires are slashed, he thinks someone might be following him – and he uncovers two more deaths. The coroner’s report says that Dan died of natural causes – but did he? Is there something suspicious about the articles, or was Dan just paranoid? The closer Jamie gets to answering those questions, the more it seems that someone is trying to stop him…


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