The Jamie Brodie Mysteries

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #1

Cited to Death: Academic librarian Jamie Brodie hasn’t seen old boyfriend Dan Christensen in years. When Jamie reads Dan’s obituary in the paper, he’s surprised. When he receives a letter from Dan, written just before his death, Jamie is shocked. Dan’s letter suggests that Dan was in danger, lists two article citations from medical journals, and asks Jamie to look into the citations. When Jamie requests the articles, strange things begin to happen. His computer is hacked, his tires are slashed, he thinks someone might be following him – and he uncovers two more deaths. The coroner’s report says that Dan died of natural causes – but did he? Is there something suspicious about the articles, or was Dan just paranoid? The closer Jamie gets to answering those questions, the more it seems that someone is trying to stop him…

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #2

Jamie Brodie Mystery #2

Hoarded to Death: When Jamie Brodie agrees to help his ex-sister-in-law Jennifer clean her hoarded apartment, the last thing he expects to find in the hoard is a dead body – and what the dead man was clutching in his hand might be the answer to a thousand-year-old mystery. As Jamie and the police investigate, they uncover a hoard of secrets – but the biggest secret of all belongs to Jamie’s boyfriend, Pete. Suddenly Jamie is searching for the answers to three questions: who killed the man in Jennifer’s apartment? Is the paper in his hand real? And can Jamie’s relationship with Pete survive?

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #3

Jamie Brodie Mystery #3

Burdened to Death: A phone call in the middle of the night is never good news. When Pete Ferguson’s phone rings, he learns that one of his childhood friends, Mark Jones, has committed suicide. Mark’s family is shocked, and wonders if Mark was abused by the same priest at whose hands Pete suffered. Pete and Mark’s family want answers, and they ask Jamie to find them. Pete is convinced the priest is connected to his friend’s suicide. Jamie isn’t so sure. When the evidence starts pulling them in different directions, will it tear them apart?

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #4

Jamie Brodie Mystery #4

Researched to Death: “Was it National Old Boyfriends Week, and I’d missed the memo?”

Librarian Jamie Brodie is looking forward to a week of vacation in Oxford, England, his first trip back in seven years. Before he’s even packed, though, a couple of complications arise.
The first complication is Jamie’s ex, Ethan Williams, who shows up at Jamie’s office with his new boyfriend and a request. Ethan’s going to Oxford too, and he needs Jamie’s help to find a rare 15th-century book in the Bodleian Library. When Jamie tells his boyfriend Pete that he and Ethan will be in Oxford at the same time, Pete doesn’t react well. To say the least.
The second complication is Pete’s ex, Luke Brenner, who shows up at Pete and Jamie’s house. He lets Jamie know that he’s in town to get Pete back – but Pete doesn’t think Luke will try anything.
He’s proven spectacularly wrong, in one horrible moment.
Jamie leaves for Oxford, not sure where he stands with Pete, not looking forward to seeing Ethan. When he requests the book that Ethan needs, he learns that it’s been missing for three weeks – and the man who likely stole it is dead.
Then two more men die, and Ethan goes missing as well. Is he in danger? Or is he a killer? And what could be in an obscure medieval manuscript that’s worth killing for?

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #5

Jamie Brodie Mystery #5

Encountered to Death: It seems Jamie Brodie can’t go anywhere anymore without a body turning up. Jamie and his boyfriend Pete Ferguson are taking a week of vacation to visit Pete’s brother Steve in Alamogordo, New Mexico. They arrive to find that Alamogordo has been invaded – by fans of a TV show called Alien Visitors. The host of the show, Dixon Gill, was found dead in the lobby of Steve’s building. Gill’s fans believe he was killed by the FBI because he was about to reveal the truth about the government’s cover-up of alien visitations. Jamie and Pete know that’s not true. But who did kill Gill? The director of his show? A competitor on the same network? An angry commenter on Gill’s blog? A shadowy anti-government group? Or one of his ex-wives? The deeper Jamie probes into Gill’s past, the more potential suspects he finds.

The truth is out there – but can Jamie uncover it?

The print version includes the short story There Goes the Neighborhood.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #6

Jamie Brodie Mystery #6

Psyched to Death: Who killed Matt Bendel? The police suspect his partner, Elliott Conklin, the assistant chair of the psychology department at Santa Monica College. Elliott was found with the body, covered in blood – and he doesn’t have an alibi. Elliott wants Pete Ferguson to help clear his name. But Pete doesn’t have time – he’s had to take over one of Elliott’s classes – and he thinks Elliott might be guilty.

Jamie Brodie isn’t so sure. Matt had a secret that may have gotten him killed. The investigation of that secret leads to someone from Jamie’s past – and another death that will change Jamie forever.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #7

Jamie Brodie Mystery #7

Stacked to Death: Library work-study student Austin Sharp upset a lot of people. When Jamie Brodie finds Austin dead, strangled to death in the library stacks, the police have plenty of suspects. When another library work-study student is found strangled, the focus of the investigation shifts – both students were from the same hometown. Then a third student is found dead. A serial killer is on the loose, and the police send in detectives from the elite Homicide Special unit.

And their favorite suspect is Jamie.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #8

Jamie Brodie Mystery #8

Stoned to Death: In 1915, farmer and amateur archaeologist Robert Thomson disappeared from Scotland’s Orkney Islands with a priceless Stone Age artifact. A century later, his great-great-grandson, Pete Ferguson, is coming to Scotland with boyfriend Jamie Brodie to meet his distant cousins and investigate Robert’s disappearance. But the homophobia of the Thomson patriarch threatens to derail their quest – and a chance meeting in a pub in Oxford brings Pete and Jamie’s relationship to a turning point.

Includes the short stories High Desert and Low Country.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #9

Jamie Brodie Mystery #9

Talked to Death: Librarians gone wild! It’s a typical state library association conference – presentations, networking, receptions, drinking, strangers appearing in Pete and Jamie’s room in the middle of the night… What’s atypical is murder. A lot of people hated library director Oscar Creighton, most of them librarians. Can Jamie help the police solve Creighton’s murder before the conference ends and the suspects go home?

Includes the short stories Hearts and Best Men.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #10

Jamie Brodie Mystery #10

Avenged to Death: Who is Randall Chesterson Barkley, and why has he named Jamie Brodie and his brothers in his will? The answer to that question leads Jamie to another answer: the story of what really happened to his mom. Then two murders throw Jamie, Kevin and Jeff into an investigation that uncovers more secrets from the past – and forces Jamie into a decision where there is no option for a happy ending.

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Played cover 1

Jamie Brodie Mystery #11

Played to Death: “Having someone get murdered at your wedding has to be the worst.”
Scott Deering, cellist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, doesn’t usually play weddings. But a friend’s family emergency finds him reluctantly anchoring a college string quartet at the wedding of a couple with more money than taste. When his second violinist goes missing after the ceremony, Scott is determined that the show must go on – until the violinist turns up dead and Scott’s day goes to hell.
Jamie Brodie and Pete Ferguson are attending the lavishly over-the-top wedding of an acquaintance of Pete’s when Jamie spots a ghost from his past in the string quartet – Scott Deering, the last guy he dated before Pete. The murder at the wedding is shocking, but it’s not Jamie’s business – until a theft from the music library at UCLA sucks him into the investigation. All Jamie wants to do is finalize the plans for his own wedding to Pete, but first he has to join forces with Scott to track down a killer – and deal with another ghost that throws everyone’s lives into turmoil.

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Filmed cover

Jamie Brodie Mystery #12

Filmed to Death: Rafe Conroy, has-been actor, is filming the first episode of the TV show intended to be his big comeback. But Rafe’s comeback is cut short when he’s found dead in his swimming pool. It was murder, all right, but there are nearly too many suspects to count. Was it the network owner, a wealthy heiress who was sleeping with Rafe? Was it the jealous girlfriend? Was it the cast member who hated Rafe? Was it the scriptwriter who saw his masterpiece edited into schlock? Was it Rafe’s drug dealer? Or was it the drug dealer’s ex-wife – Abby Glenn, Kevin Brodie’s ex-girlfriend – who just happened to discover the body?
Because of Abby’s involvement, Kevin can’t work the case. It’s up to Jon Eckhoff and Jamie Brodie to figure out who would benefit most from Rafe’s death – before the killer strikes again.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #13


Trapped to Death: Autumn brings a fresh start in academia, but there are signs that Jamie Brodie’s autumn quarter might bring trouble. First, his next door neighbors unexpectedly drop off the grid. Several days later Jamie discovers – with the help of his dog – that something very bad has happened in the neighbors’ house. When the victim is identified, Jamie briefly becomes a suspect – but something far more dangerous is lying in wait for Jamie. And he doesn’t recognize it until it’s too late.

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Promoted 1

Jamie Brodie Mystery #14

Promoted to Death: Elaine Pareja didn’t have any fans among her colleagues in the psychology department at Santa Monica College. When her promotion application is denied and she is terminated, no one is sorry to see her go. When Elaine is reinstated for no apparent reason, it causes a revolt in the department. When she turns up dead, her colleagues turn into suspects. But Elaine was a keeper of secrets – other people’s, and her own. Jamie Brodie and his friend, business librarian Sheila Meadows, join forces with the police to pick their way through the tangled web of Elaine’s life, searching for the thread that led to her death.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #15

Published to Death: Mercedes Moran is one of the stars of the self-publishing world, a romance author who’s made millions by selling 99 cent romance novels through all of the e-book platforms. Her fan base is enormous – but Mercedes is a horrible person, and she’s made plenty of enemies, too.

The Association of Self-Publishing is holding its annual conference on UCLA’s campus, and Mercedes is the keynote speaker. When Jamie Brodie and Kristen Beach attend the keynote at the encouragement of their supervisors, they get an earful from other conference-goers about Mercedes. But it’s nothing to do with them.

Until Mercedes turns up dead in the back of the exhibit hall.

Kevin Brodie and Jon Eckhoff are on the case, and they enlist Jamie’s and Kristen’s help with navigating the world of self-published authors. But the case takes a turn for the weird when Kevin and Jon are joined by a lieutenant from Internal Affairs, who claims to be brushing up on his investigative skills – and who only speaks in clichés.

Who killed Mercedes? Why is a desk jockey from Internal Affairs dogging Kevin and Jon’s every step? And why do so many covers of male-male romance novels feature headless torsos??

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #16

Jamie Brodie is on deadline. The proposal for his second book is due, and he desperately needs uninterrupted writing time. At the suggestion of patron, friend, and former monk Clinton Kenneally – and over the protests of Pete Ferguson, Jamie’s husband – Jamie schedules a week-long writing retreat at a local monastery. But the monastery is not exactly what Jamie expected…which might explain the flicker of disquiet in Clinton’s eyes.
Meanwhile, Kevin Brodie and Jon Eckhoff are dealing with a dead drug dealer, doggie diarrhea, and a camera crew from the reality TV show Two Days to Solve. The camera loves Jon, and vice versa. Kevin’s just trying to refrain from swearing on TV. But when the victim turns out to be someone from Kevin’s past, the case gets a whole lot more interesting.
And there’s no way it’ll be solved in two days.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #17

Jamie Brodie and his entire family are on vacation in Scotland, staying at their ancestral home, Brodie Castle. The family’s fun is interrupted by a threat of blackmail…then they fall under suspicion when the blackmailer turns up dead. Jamie, Pete, Kevin, and Kristen set out to clear the Brodie name. Along the way they encounter a ghostly sighting, a wild rumor, centuries-old curses, and a massive cover-up. Will they find the truth before the detectives from Police Scotland arrest the wrong man?

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Obsessed cover

Jamie Brodie Mystery #18

When Jamie Brodie’s dog sniffs out a corpse at a campsite on the Mescalero Apache Reservation, Jamie thinks, “At least it’s a natural death this time.” Not so fast. The dead man is freelance investigative reporter Danny Norman, and he was on the trail of a major story. Who or what was Danny about to expose? Meanwhile, Jamie’s husband, Pete Ferguson, is behaving strangely: careening from one obsession to the next, neglecting the classes he’s teaching, and refusing to admit that there’s anything wrong.
Jamie needs answers to two questions: What happened to Danny Norman? And, more importantly, what the heck is going on with his husband?

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #19

Jamie Brodie is feeling unsettled. His boss has asked him to take an unpaid furlough for the summer; his husband, Pete Ferguson, is obsessed with genealogy research and has papered the walls of their townhouse with family trees; and his father-in-law, Jack, is experiencing odd side effects from a new medication.

Pete wants to head straight for their second home in New Mexico at the beginning of Jamie’s furlough. Jamie has misgivings, but agrees. On their first morning in Alamogordo, Jamie discovers a dead teenager in the street across from their house. The findings in the victim’s autopsy report are deeply disturbing, and the victim’s identification leads Jamie to a jarring discovery.

Several days later, someone leaves a note inside Jamie and Pete’s morning newspaper. NO QUEERS IN ALAMOGORDO.

As the anonymous homophobic attacks continue, Jamie’s determination to stand his ground solidifies. But someone out there is equally determined to push Jamie and Pete out of town, and is willing to take extreme measures to achieve his goal.

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Jamie Brodie Mystery #20

Called out in the middle of the night.

Pete Ferguson’s call is from his sister; their dad has collapsed and is in intensive care. Pete flies to Tucson to be at his bedside. Jamie Brodie was already concerned for Pete’s emotional well-being, and his worries only grow each time he talks to Pete – who seems to be gradually falling apart.

Kevin Brodie’s call is from his boss, Tim Garcia; there’s been a double overdose at the Powell Library at UCLA. When the standard drug screens come back negative, Kevin and Jon Eckhoff go on the hunt to identify a new pharmaceutical killer.

When Kevin and Jon’s quest leads them in a direction they couldn’t have imagined, Jamie gets answers to some old questions, and is left with two more mysteries.

How is everything that’s happening in LA connected to New Mexico?

And will he and Pete make it through this crisis in one piece?

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15 responses to “The Jamie Brodie Mysteries

  1. anita

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your Jamie Bodie mysteries. They are such a fun read.I plan to read 7-9 over the Memorial Day weekend. Hope you have more Jamie mysteries to come . Take care!

  2. I love every one of these books — such interesting elements, personally and professionally. Thank you so much for a hundred hours of escape to a very engaging place.
    Chris Schorr

  3. Karen Young

    All Right … 12 books … 12 days … I am now amazon’s official favourite kindle client! I loved these books! I can’t wait for the next one. You now have your own category, on my kindle! But I was wondering, are you going to delve in to Scott’s family of origin? I thought he may be related to the Barkleys, or the Fergusons. Thanksgiving can’t get here fast enough. Although mine (I’m Canadian) is in October. I can wait a few weeks longer. Seriously I enjoyed the books immensely and look forward to the next one.

    • LOL, Karen! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! You know, that’s interesting – I had never considered diving into Scott’s background. He is adopted… Maybe he could finally develop an interest in his biological roots. Other readers have said, “We’ll see more of Ethan, right?” and I wasn’t sure. But a Scott and Ethan story might be fun. Hmmmm. 😀

      Make sure you catch all of the short stories here on the blog. They’re in their own category, so if you search for “short story” they should all appear. They fill in a lot of Jamie and Pete’s background. Most of them have not been published with books. And one of them is actually a 15-part novella, Photographs and Memories, that takes place after Filmed to Death. It will fill in a bit of the gap between now and November.

      Thank you so much!!

  4. Sharon Cox

    Just thought that I would drop in and see if there is any information about the next book in the series. I know that Trapped To Death was only published at the end of last year but I thought that the next one could be on its way.

    • Hi, Sharon! I just sent the final draft of Promoted to Death to my editor at the beginning of the week. I’m hoping it will be out by mid-May.

      • Sharon Cox

        Thank-you. I’ll put the book on to my ‘To buy” list with it’s approximate date. Will it be available from Smashwords or only from Amazon?

    • Sharon Cox

      This book must be getting close. I’m visiting every couple of days to see if there is a date yet. I shouldn’t worry though because I am sure that you will send an email out.

  5. John

    Keep them coming, please.

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